Jeff Vahue – Founder and President

Jeff has over 25 years of software development experience in flight critical digital fly-by-wire systems for military and commercial aircraft. Jeff successfully led the development of several major avionic systems, that included the USAF Stealth Fighter F-117 Autopilot/Auto-throttle system, the Learjet 45's Spoileron and Nose Wheel Steering systems, NASA's RASCAL program for in-flight research of new and innovative flight controls for helicopters, Pratt & Whitney Canada’s Engine Monitoring (EM) and Wireless Data Transfer units (DTU), and was a contributor to Avidyne’s R9 PFD/MFD display system. Additionally he led the development of the Pratt & Whitney Canada's TurbineTracker Web system that configured on-board EM systems and provided the DB storage and Web presentation of the data collected by those systems. His comprehensive knowledge and understanding of software issues, from development methodologies, specifically related to FAA compliant RTCA/DO-178B software processes, to the real-time processing issues in aircraft embedded Data Acquisition systems, provides a cohesive strategy for software development. Jeff’s success in dealing with diverse customer requirements is a strong indication of the high standards and professionalism he brings to both the technical and financial aspects of the company's business. Jeff specializes in C/C++, Python, Windows development and SQL.

Dave Barthelmes – Principal

Dave has over 30 years experience in the design, development and support of real-time and embedded systems. His past positions include developing application/networking software for the NYSE/AMEX, manufacturing-control systems at Honeywell, the BayBank XPress24 ATM network where he was Systems-Specialist/Architect for real-time systems, and Polycom Teleconferencing Services. Most recently he was a Senior S/W Engineer at Avidyne and has worked as a consultant in the telecommunication and avionics industries. Dave is a lifelong aviation enthusiast, and is a private pilot. Dave specializes in C/C++, JAVA, Windows development and SQL.

Mitch Baumoel – Principal

Mitch has over 25 years experience developing software specializing in real-time and embedded systems and is proficient in C/C++ and assembly. He has been a key contributor in the development of the Automatic Flight Inspection System (AFIS) for the FAA, avionics and control systems for the F/A-18, C-17 and B-2 military aircraft while at Parker Hannifin, and patient monitoring systems for Hewlett-Packard. Most recently, he developed avionics software as a Senior S/W Engineer at Avidyne. In addition to developing certified software for the highly regulated medical and military/aerospace industries, he has designed fault-tolerant software for telecommunication and industrial control products.