Success comes from working with a team you can trust. Below is a sample of the kind of comments we hear from our clients. Knowlogic is founded on and driven by the goal of success for our customer, your problem is our problem. We know that we cannot succeed if we fail even one of our customers.

Pratt&Whitney Our new Aircraft and Engine Data collection system was providing us levels of data about our product that we have never seen before. Putting this data into a form that was easy to analyze and take action on was critical to our success. We approached Knowlogic about building a data processing platform that would turn our massive amount of raw product data into processed useable product data that our analytics platforms could easily consume and make use of. They took on the challenge and were able to deliver on their commitment on cost and on schedule. They were a pleasure to work with through all phases of the project. They continue to support us with on-going improvements to the system. I plan to use Knowlogic’s exceptional capabilities on my future projects.

Paul Scheid – GM, Advance Technology Group Pratt & Whitney

Rypos The Rypos proprietary regeneration (self-cleaning) strategy is the heart of our diesel particulate filters. We turned to Knowlogic Software to implement our regeneration algorithms in highly reliable firmware. Knowlogic carefully safeguarded Rypos confidential data while keeping our product development on a tight schedule and within a tight budget. They delivered fully functional software on the first pass, with minimal subsequent debugging. When we had an unforeseen change in requirements just a few days before a critical government certification test, Knowlogic worked around the clock to field a solution for us. I could not ask for a more capable and responsive partner in electronic product development.

Jim Ernstmeyer - VP of Engineering at Rypos, Inc.

Pratt & Whitney Canada Our software development team required a trusted, knowledgeable partner for the verification of our new turbine engine data collection and transmission system. We wanted the capability to fully automate our testing and this needed to include both functional and structural level testing as we certify our products under the FAA RTCA/DO-178B process. We needed a teammate that knew what this implied, had worked under these guidelines before and brought an expertise to the table that we could rely on. Knowlogic provided these capabilities and more. While the initial contract was for verification services we soon expanded the scope to include Knowlogic in the code development process to close Software Change Requests, many of these were for issues Knowlogic had highlighted during their testing. After several iterations on requirements, including a major change near the end of the project in the way data was compressed in flight, the project was successfully certified by the FAA. Thanks to the Knowlogic Software team we now have a fully functional test environment that allows us to run simulated flights, while subjecting the system to anomalous situation in order to shine a light on the "dark corners" of the system. The test environment is low cost, extensible, flexible and allows us to easily run "what if" scenarios with our system. We continue to use Knowlogic Software on new projects and in all phases of development. I'm sure we will have a long partnership as they are a outstanding group.

Jon Miller – Engineering Manager, Pratt & Whitney Canada DPHM