Welcome to Knowlogic Software

Know: To have a practical understanding of and be skilled in, as through experience.
Logic: The science of correct reasoning.

Almost everything in today’s world runs on software, and software that does not do what it is supposed to do is simply unacceptable. From the computers in your car to your bank’s ATM machine you expect software you can depend on, and that’s exactly what Knowlogic provides. For over 20 years Knowlogic Software professionals have been building software that works.

We perform any and all phases of software development from planning, requirements capture, design & integration, to verification. We can help you produce better software, faster, cheaper and with better quality than most of the software in the world today. If quality is important to you we should be involved with your software.

What's so special about us? As our name implies we have a practical understanding of and are skilled in the science of correct reasoning. The biggest problem with software tends to be in the specification and design, followed closely by software that is not properly tested. Our processes have been developed in the safety critical world of the FAA, and while you may not need our most critical development processes for your project, you are sure to benefit from the application of practices developed in this world.

Our primary areas of expertise are in the embedded software systems arena, along with the development of automated test environments for all types of software. Our ability to quickly create and customize desktop and web applications, with or without a database is impressive. For coding languages we specialize in C/C++ and Python. Our process makes sure you get what you want, when you want it, and we guarantee you will always get software that works (see How).